What's in my bag

  • Canon 7D
    • I chose the 7D after painstakingly comparing every feature on the t2i, 7D and 5D.  Since I knew the 5D and 7D could handle higher ISO settings it was between those.  The plus of the 5D was the full frame sensor and the plus of the 7D was 19 focus points (which I use and change ALL THE TIME and can't imagine not having them all).  With the 7D being $1000 less I figured I could just step back in order to make up for the cropped sensor :-)  Plus I was already used to a cropped sensor.
  • backup Canon 350D
    • This was my first DSLR when I was starting out.  It's still wonderfully functional.  

  • Tokina 100mm 2.8 macro
    • I use this for all of my baby closeups (toes, fingers, ear fuzz, etc) and wedding ring closeups. I have used it for portraits and it's wonderful for that too but I would rather use my 70-200 2.8 for portraits.
  •  Canon 16-35mm 2.8L II
    • I adore this lens.  The wide angle is great for slightly warped edges giving an artistic feel to my images and the 2.8 allows for a nice shallow depth of field making the background of my images melt away.  You just can't match the clarity of these shots.
  • Sigma 18-125 4.0
    • I've really never used it.  I liked that the canon went to 17mm so I just had no need for it.  If anyone is interested in buying it, I'd be glad to sell it!
  • Canon 50mm 1.8
    • I worship this lens.  I borrowed a 50mm 1.2L once for a wedding and I know some may call me crazy but I saw absolutely no difference between that $1500 lens and my (at the time) $90 1.8.
  • Canon 70-200 2.8L
    • This lens is more precious than anything I've ever owned.  If I wasn't already married to my husband I would marry it.  It's THAT good.  The crispness of every shot, the almost fake looking background blur, the awesome zoom...makes me swoon!  I used to look at other professional photographers images and think *I* want to take pictures like that!  With this lens I don't feel like I'm missing anything anymore.

  • Canon Speedlite 420EX
    • This was a (purchased) hand me down from a fantastic friend and mentor.  I don't know how I ever lived without external flash.  The way the light bounces all around the room rather than just at the subject makes for an impressive, warm image.  I ALWAYS have a diffuser on it and very rarely shoot it straight ahead.  The majority of the time I have it pointed straight up and if I'm really close to my subject and there is a wall somewhat near behind me I'll point it straight back.
  • I carry a jill e bag that I adore.  It's 2 years old now and while structurally it's like new, it's a little dingy.  Probably my fault for not cleaning it more :-S  I had looked and looked for a girly camera bag and I was so happy to find this one.  Plus it doesn't scream "camera bag" to thieves.  

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