Friday, October 28, 2011

Brooksby Farm Family Photography

This is another family I have photographed since almost 4 year old Max was in his mom's belly.  I met them at Brooksby this year.  A kid can't help but smile when he is in a pumpkin patch!
IMG_2886 (143 of 143)
Almost 2 year old Lane!
IMG_2892 (138 of 143)
And their baby sister in mom's belly!!!  She's due in December so you'll be seeing some newborn photos soon!  I'm so happy for her to be having a girl but good luck to her when she starts dating.  Having two older brothers isn't going to make it easy :-)
IMG_2933 (104 of 143) IMG_2935 (102 of 143) IMG_2943 (96 of 143) IMG_2972 (76 of 143) IMG_2977 (71 of 143) IMG_3000 (50 of 143) IMG_3014 (41 of 143) IMG_3028 (36 of 143) IMG_3037 - Version 2 (29 of 143) IMG_3047 - Version 2 (19 of 143) IMG_3062 (12 of 143) IMG_3063 (11 of 143)

I love love love these pictures!!

Beverly Family Photography

For three years now I've been photographing this family.  I'll never be able to express how much it means to me to have repeat customers.  It speaks a thousand words and makes me feel so honored.

This year Miss C is 3 years old.  She sat still for roughly 1 minute.  After that I was on the chase!
IMG_2455 (169 of 169) IMG_2469 (161 of 169) IMG_2473 (158 of 169) IMG_2490 (147 of 169) IMG_2506 (139 of 169)
See?  Running.
IMG_2541 (122 of 169)
And then we have one year old Miss H.  She loved looking at the fountain.
IMG_2589 (107 of 169) IMG_2612 (92 of 169)
(Wardrobe change)
IMG_2630 (80 of 169) IMG_2645 (66 of 169) IMG_2679 (46 of 169) IMG_2694 (41 of 169)
(wardrobe change)
IMG_2715 (32 of 169) IMG_2728 (27 of 169)
Running?  Yes.
IMG_2731 (25 of 169) IMG_2739 (21 of 169) IMG_2769 (6 of 169)
Miss H was exhausted by the end!
IMG_2778 (1 of 169)

I loved the images from this session.  Tupper Manor and a beautiful family make for great photos :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boston Family Photography

This amazing lady in the middle of the first photo bought a session from me as a gift to her parents for their anniversary.  I love it when people think of giving photography as a gift!
Her parents have a house in York, Maine that is pure perfection.  The house really means a lot to all of them so we did the session up there.

IMG_2202 (128 of 132)
I was going crazy with all of the beautiful places in their yard.
IMG_2227 (109 of 132) IMG_2232 (105 of 132) IMG_2248 - Version 4 (91 of 132) IMG_2275 (77 of 132) IMG_2290 (68 of 132) IMG_2332 (49 of 132) IMG_2349 (38 of 132) IMG_2404 (14 of 132) IMG_2417 (9 of 132) IMG_2434 (2 of 132)

I think by the end they were sick of me taking their picture so I cut them loose.  I couldn't be happier with these images!  I adore the blue color scheme and the back light really brings these pictures to life.

Family photography | Lynnfield

Every year this family hires a photographer to take pictures of their extended family so they can make a calendar for the next year.  I had been in contact with this lovely lady in the purple dress about other photography and she decided to give me a try this year.
We had the individual families arrive a little staggered which worked out really great.  No one was waiting around for their turn.

IMG_1576 (26 of 155) IMG_1604 (42 of 155) IMG_1668 (67 of 155) IMG_1778 - Version 2 (113 of 155) IMG_1813 (129 of 155) IMG_1697 (76 of 155)

All of the beautiful people above exist because of this lovely couple :-)
IMG_1838 (145 of 155)