Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help needed

Hello readers. I am having a hard time deciding which photo I've taken over the last year to enter into the Topsfield Fair Photography contest. The theme is agriculture. I won second prize last year with a beautiful orange gerber daisy. But this year I want some opinions so vote in the poll below! You can click on each image to make them bigger and I didn't intend for the logo to be so big on some of them. Oh well...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Alex | Beverly Newborn Photography

Last week I met 8 week old Alex for his first professional photo session. We initially tried to get some sleepy naked baby photos but he just wasn't having it. This boy wanted to be swaddled!

Daddy tried to make him happy which worked until he put him down.

Once he was swaddled there was no stopping the abundance of adorable photos.

He actually started to work the camera.

These are Alex's siblings. The sweetest dogs ever!

The nursery was absolutely adorable and obviously made with much care.

This wall was hand painted by Dad.

A new variation on my "window shot".

I had such a great time meeting this family and the snack of grapes and cheese was much appreciated!

There are SO many more photos but the above were the ones that stood out to me. You be the judge...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jackie | Take Two

We went for a special round two of Jackie's senior portraits today. We went back to Salem Willows where we did our first session. It was H.O.T. today but you'd never know it. Jackie was as cool as can be. It's really hard to take a bad picture of someone this beautiful.

I believe the first image is Jackie's favorite. She had it as her facebook profile picture within seconds of me sending her the link to the photos.

I love the one above too, but the one below just KILLS me. I'm really not sure I've ever seen a more beautiful image.

On the way back from the Willows I stopped in Hamilton Hall to see if we could run up to the ball room and take some photos. They were very nice to say yes. It is such a beautiful historic building with many great places for photos.

This is a slideshow of both sessions although it starts out with the one from today.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Carter | Danvers newborn photography

Today I met baby Carter. He is 4 weeks old and is almost 12 pounds! I seriously expected him to get up and walk at any point. Carter didn't make a peep the entire time I was there which was almost 3 hours. I didn't even take my camera out for the first hour because Carter's Mom's Mother and sister were there and we just couldn't stop our conversation. It was like we were long lost family that had to catch up. They were awesome.

So here he is...

Love the dimple!!!

This kid was born into a Red Sox family. There's no avoiding it.

As we were just wrapping up the session Mom's grandmother came over to meet Carter for the first time. I was so excited for the photo opp!

Three out of four generations of hands.

Below is a slideshow of the rest of the photos. Thanks for a great session Carter!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Miss Alyssa

My second niece to be born in a week, Baby Alyssa, finally decided to leave the hospital so I could take her pictures.
When she was a few days old she got very sick. She was sent to the NICU where it was discovered that she has a rare genetic disorder called Galactosemia (much different from lactose intolerance). She will be just fine as long as she doesn't have milk or milk products.
She is absolutely adorable and such a good baby. And oh my the hair!
Welcome to our crazy family Alyssa!

Here is a slideshow of the entire set. After pushing play you can click in the bottom right corner to see it full screen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A few more of Sophia

I had a few more shots I wanted to get of my niece Sophia. Enjoy!

Here is a slideshow of the rest of the latest pictures. This slideshow will loop around back to the very beginning if you keep watching. After clicking play you can click in the bottom right corner to view full screen.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Harper and Truman | North Shore Pet Photography

Harper and Truman were my next models during my mini sessions today. They were FIESTY! I was definitely worried about getting decent shots so I was pleasantly surprised when there were quite a few good ones. They are the sweetest dogs and their mommy loves them very much.

IMG_8574 (1)

IMG_8617 (1)

IMG_8618 (1)

Below is a slideshow of the rest. You can click play, then click in the bottom right corner to view the slideshow in full screen.

The O'Sheas | Newburyport Family Photography

The beautiful O'Shea family met me at Plum Island for a mini session this morning. They looked absolutely fabulous and I got a lot of great shots considering the limited time we had. The little bit of cloud cover we had was perfect for photos!

IMG_8545 (1)

IMG_8550 (1)

IMG_8539 (1) copy

IMG_8531 (1)

IMG_8530 (1)

IMG_8521 (1)

IMG_8512 (1)

IMG_8505 (1)

IMG_8497 (1)

IMG_8471 (1)

Here is a slideshow of the rest including some funny out takes. You can click play, then click in the bottom right corner to view the slideshow in full screen.