Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Joy and Mike's Engagement Party | Stoneham event phtography

After Joy and Mike's superbly planned engagement, they started planning an engagement party. When Joy asked if I'd be available to photograph it I was thrilled. I was blown away by this party. There were literally more people there than were at my own wedding (and my wedding wasn't small). The room at the Bear Hill Country Club was gorgeously decorated and the cocktail hour overlooking the golf course was beautiful.

IMG_5196 - Version 2 (1 of 18)

IMG_5330 - Version 2 (9 of 18)

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After the delicious food and dessert came the incredible Armenian dancing. I strongly dislike to dance and even I was itching to get out there with them. It looked like so much fun!

IMG_5458 - Version 2 (18 of 18)

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Gracie and Gavin 21 Months | Gloucester family photography

Gracie and Gavin's mom wanted to get some pictures of the twins on the beach before the summer was over. It ended up being a chilly night at the Wingaersheek beach but the kiddos were happy and the overcast sky was great for me.
They were on the move and made me work! I don't give up easily and ended up with a ton of great photos of them. Getting them in the same photo was another story.


Gavin looks like he's trying to take off here but he was throwing sand.

Throwing sand at me definitely got some laughs.

Climbing on the rocks made him happy too.


I love this picture...pure reality.







HUGS!!! Too cute!

Here is a link to the rest of the photos.

Lee and Kevin | Ipswich Engagement Photography

Lee and Kevin will be tying the knot next weekend. I am so proud that they have asked me to be the photographer. I just can't wait. Last week we went out to get some engagement photos. Lee had a great location that she knew of from driving by every day. Ipswich is such a beautiful place with so much land still undeveloped. Appleton farms was perfect for photos. Beautiful fields, stone walls, and huge old trees.

Lee and Kevin brought a picnic basket with champagne. After walking down a dirt road they set it up in the setting sun.

Shadow on the tree? Yup, I did that on purpose. ;-)

I loved her hair glowing in the sun.

Then we made our way over to a beautiful old rock wall and this gate. The sun shining through was just so gorgeous.


Love, Love, Love this picture




Lee certainly has sass.

I can't wait for their wedding next weekend!!!

Here is a link to the rest of the images.

Kelsey | Lynnfield Senior Portraits

A few weeks ago I had Kelsey's senior session. I went to her house where her backyard was like paradise. Beautiful pool, gorgeous landscaping and decks. I even used the back of their shed. :-)
Kelsey was very easygoing and we were done in no time.




Here is a link to the rest of the photos.