Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sheraton Wakefield

When I was planning my next set of mini sessions I thought for sure that by 11/20 we would need to be inside so I chose the Sheraton lobby for my location.  This place really is perfect since there is a tree decorated for christmasy photos but we can also easily go outside for natural light photos.

Here is session #1!  5 year old twins...couldn't be easier!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tupper Manor Family

IMG_7901 (45 of 45) IMG_7906 (42 of 45) IMG_7917 (35 of 45) IMG_7921 (33 of 45) IMG_7924 - Version 3 (30 of 45) IMG_7941 - Version 2 (20 of 45) IMG_7974 (7 of 45) IMG_7985 (1 of 45)

Tupper Manor Family Session

At a fundraising auction, this family was the lucky winner of a session with me!

IMG_7694 (85 of 106)
IMG_7698 (84 of 106) IMG_7737 (69 of 106) IMG_7749 (61 of 106) IMG_7777 (51 of 106) IMG_7863 (15 of 106)

Tupper Manor mini session

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This is the child that wanted nothing to do with me last year.
IMG_7604 (28 of 85)
This year all she wanted to do was lay in the grass.  HAHA!
IMG_7566 (46 of 85)
Love this one!
IMG_7651 (2 of 85)
My pal Lenny
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Jamie and Frank's Wedding | Chocksett Inn, Sterling, MA

For some reason this post has given me such a hard time.  I can't seem to get all the images I want to share to align properly.  I know a lot of people have already viewed it in a not so pretty state and I feel so bad about that.  Rather than spend hours trying to fix it I'm just embedding a slideshow of all of my favorite images from the wedding which is more than I would have shared in a normal blog post so I guess you win in the end :-)

So let's try my commentary one more time...

I remember when I got the call confirming that Jamie and Frank wanted me to be their photographer.  I was on a playground with my kids during the fall of 2010.  As usual the wedding date seemed so far away!  At least I got to do their engagement session to tide me over.

November 5th was a beautiful day considering the are had been hit with a devastating snow storm a week prior.  The damage from this storm was worse than anything I had ever seen.  The amount of large trees and branches that were down was mind boggling.  Luckily the Chocksett Inn was up and running and was able to host a lovely and elegant wedding.

What I loved the most was how this family made me feel like a part of the family.  There is nothing nicer than that.  Now I can't wait for babies!!!

Appleton Farm | Ipswich, MA

This session is still one of my favorites.  You know, where all of my other sessions are a 10 this is a 10.5.

IMG_7158 (89 of 90)
The clothing, the almost setting sun...
IMG_7168 (83 of 90)
the legitimate fox hunt that went by us with about 20 hound dogs and easily 100 know, the usual.  Just a normal day at Appleton Farm
IMG_7188 (78 of 90)
Look at these children!!!
IMG_7206 (68 of 90)
Cute as buttons!
IMG_7270 - Version 2 (40 of 90)
I'm not sure what mom ended up using for a holiday card but this would have been one of my top picks
IMG_7237 (55 of 90)
But you can't go wrong with this one either!
IMG_7239 - Version 2 (52 of 90) IMG_7278 (36 of 90) IMG_7280 (35 of 90) IMG_7287 (31 of 90) IMG_7339 (16 of 90) IMG_7369 (2 of 90)

I can't wait to see this family again!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Frost Farm | Derry New Hampshire

This little man made me work really hard.  Kids are usually shy in the beginning but I almost always win them over in the end.  This was not the case this day.  He just didn't like me.  So I kept my distance and put my 70-200 to good use.
IMG_7001 (1 of 83) IMG_7011 (6 of 83)
Mom is expecting baby number 2 so we used this time to get some maternity shots as well.
IMG_7023 (16 of 83) IMG_7030 (21 of 83) IMG_7033 (23 of 83) IMG_7052 (32 of 83) IMG_7064 (38 of 83) IMG_7086 (48 of 83) IMG_7100 (54 of 83) IMG_7148 (82 of 83)