Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jamie and Frank's Wedding | Chocksett Inn, Sterling, MA

For some reason this post has given me such a hard time.  I can't seem to get all the images I want to share to align properly.  I know a lot of people have already viewed it in a not so pretty state and I feel so bad about that.  Rather than spend hours trying to fix it I'm just embedding a slideshow of all of my favorite images from the wedding which is more than I would have shared in a normal blog post so I guess you win in the end :-)

So let's try my commentary one more time...

I remember when I got the call confirming that Jamie and Frank wanted me to be their photographer.  I was on a playground with my kids during the fall of 2010.  As usual the wedding date seemed so far away!  At least I got to do their engagement session to tide me over.

November 5th was a beautiful day considering the are had been hit with a devastating snow storm a week prior.  The damage from this storm was worse than anything I had ever seen.  The amount of large trees and branches that were down was mind boggling.  Luckily the Chocksett Inn was up and running and was able to host a lovely and elegant wedding.

What I loved the most was how this family made me feel like a part of the family.  There is nothing nicer than that.  Now I can't wait for babies!!!

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