Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jamie and Frank | Cape Cod engagement photography

So last year I was a guest at a friend's wedding. Through the pre wedding festivities I got to meet and spend time with her husband's family. Her husband's sister, Jamie was just about the cutest thing I'd ever seen...then I saw her boyfriend. At the wedding I may or may not have had a few drinks and told them they were the cutest couple I'd ever seen. I pretty much blushed and ran away.
This is the picture I took of them at that moment.

I guess it's true that flattery will get you everywhere because less than a year later they got engaged and asked me to photograph their wedding. I was so excited!

Jamie's family has a house on the Cape so I made plans for a mini vacation over Memorial Day weekend with my family to go visit my husband's grandmother and while we were there I met Jamie and Frank to do their engagement session.

They met me in downtown Falmouth where we did a few pictures.

I was given some requests right off the bat. One was for the photos not to look like a viagra commercial. That was actually a request from a family member. None of us really knew what that meant so I hope I accomplished no viagra commercial like shots. Secondly Frank wanted me to photoshop in some hair. I told him I'd put some dreads on him.

But seriously, this man needs nothing. Perfect!
IMG_0181 (141 of 144)

Hello gorgeous!
IMG_0186 (137 of 144)

They definitely had the giggles in the beginning...
IMG_0191 (135 of 144)

They couldn't keep a straight face. These make for the best pictures!
IMG_0193 (134 of 144)

IMG_0203 (128 of 144)

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IMG_0210 - Version 2 (124 of 144)

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After Falmouth we drove down a little south to Woods Hole.

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The Martha's Vineyard Ferry was just coming back into port.
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IMG_0316 - Version 2 (62 of 144)

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At one point we were walking across the street when a woman asked us if we wanted to go into a restaurant to use their waterfront deck for some pictures. We were thrilled and took her right up on it. She then said that she had asked us when we had walked by earlier but we didn't answer her! I felt so bad she probably thought we were being rude!
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They were so good to us when we got in. They got Jamie and Frank glasses of champagne and me some ginger ale. We got some great photos that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

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As the sun was getting lower in the sky we drove back to Falmouth for one last location.
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We had such a great time and I can't wait for their wedding!!!

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