Monday, May 23, 2011

First Communion

A few weeks ago I met Alex and her mom to get some pictures of her in her beautiful first communion dress. We came across a beautiful chapel in the middle of a cemetery in Andover so that's where we went!
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Melanie in the Middle

Back in February I had a fun creative photo session with Melanie of The Coupon Goddess. She's famous. Melanie was in the process of launching a new blog and needed a header. She told me all about her concept and I could immediately imagine it in my head. We set up a time and she met me with all kinds of props and we began shooting in a hotel lobby bathroom! Not only did she need the header images she also needed some head shots so we got some of those as well which you'll see on her new blog.

So go check her out! Her new blog is great so far and she's giving me away! Well she's giving away a $100 gift certificate toward a session with me! So if you want to win you need to go on over to Melanie in the Middle and enter!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring workshop!

It's time for another workshop! I've dragged my feet planning it long enough so here goes.

Saturday May 14th

In and around Salem, MA

10am - 12pm

What I'd like to cover in this workshop is pretty across the board.

  • I'd like to help people learn to use their DSLR camera in full manual mode
  • Talk about lenses
  • Answer any questions as they arise
  • Bring my 4 year old daughter to be available as a model
  • Talk about landscape shooting

Beginners and Advanced photographers are very welcome.

As with my other workshops there really will be no structure. I'm much too lazy...i mean laid back for that. I just want to share my knowledge as topics come up. I feel like a natural flow works so much better.

The cost for this workshop is $50

Share this information with anyone you know that would be interested!!!

Spontaneous special!

Want $75 off a session? Available this Friday? CALL ME!!!!

Also I would love to see my facebook page with more fans!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Gabriel | Salem newborn photography

Be prepared for an overload of favorite photos from my session with Gabriel, his fur brother, and Mom and Dad.
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He looks so perfectly content in this picture :-)
IMG_6672 (29 of 71)

We were able to get him to sleep for a tiny amount of time but at 6 weeks old he wasn't going to stay that way for long.
IMG_6688 (33 of 71)

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Smiles for mom and dad!
IMG_6731 (42 of 71)

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Such a sweet family referred by Gavin's mommy.