Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Gavin | Swampscott Newborn Photography

Two days after my last newborn (previous post) I had my first of three newborn workshops. Despite greeting us with cries Gavin was very well behaved.
We were able to shoot in the same room where we photographed mom's belly a month and a half ago. Such amazing light with all the white walls. But the room was pretty small for 4 adults, 3 of whom were trying to stay out of each others light!

I was really happy with the way the workshop went. Basically we all chatted about the possibilities of where to shoot and what props to use, we talked about what manual settings would be best and we'd shoot away! During feeding times we had the opportunity to chat about post processing options, lenses, and other stuff. It was all very casual and hopefully informative!
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Here is a link to the rest of the images.

I still have two possibly three slots open for my March 19th workshop (baby girl is being born today!!!)

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