Saturday, October 24, 2009

A surprise session | Beverly baby photography

I met Alex when he was 8 weeks old when I did his belated newborn session.
His lucky father's birthday was coming up and his fabulous mom wanted to surprise his dad with new photos of him. It was killing me to not post the session but I had to wait until after his birthday which was yesterday so here they are!!
We went to Dane Street Beach but you can't even tell. The view of Alex and his mom Caroline was better than the ocean anyway.

Luckily Alex was much more agreeable at 4 months old and I got so many great shots of his beautiful smile and baby blues.

IMG_3738 (1 of 8)

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Look at those eye lashes!!
IMG_3884 (7 of 8)

As we were walking back to the car Alex totally conked out. I couldn't believe how fast and easily he fell asleep. It's hard work being that cute.

IMG_3888 (8 of 8)

Here is a slideshow of the rest. I hope Anthony likes them!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family portraits in Wakefield

This was another session that was moved indoors due to horrible weather. I do love the look of the lobby at the Sheraton in Wakefield so it wasn't really a bad thing.
My job is so easy when kids are grown up and cooperative. This session was pretty much done in about 10 minutes. Thanks girls (and guy)!

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You can see the rest of the photos by clicking here.

Jenna, Tim, Willis and Daphne | Wakefield and Lynnfield pet photography

Jenna and Tim are no strangers to my camera.
You can see their first session here. Their second session here. And their extended family session here.
They were scheduled for my Brooksby event this past weekend but since it decided to rain and snow in October we moved the session indoors.
An indoor session doesn't allow for too much creativity so I focused on getting the perfect shot.
I hope you guys like them!

IMG_3621 (2 of 7)

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The rest of the photos can be seen by clicking here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A boy and his dog | North Shore family and pet photography

For my third session on Saturday I met Cory, his mom, and his very fresh but awesome dog Mingo. Mingo was not at all interested in sitting still for a photo. He was absolutely cracking me up. I wasn't able to get as many photos as I usually get in a session but the ones I got were great and I guess that's all that matters.

IMG_3590 (12 of 12)

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IMG_3564 (59 of 73) copy

The rest of the photos can be seen by clicking here.

Hazel | Ipswich baby photography

I first met Hazel for her one year photo session back in February. Last weekend I met them back up in Ipswich. We started out at Pavilion Beach but the wind and the cold was just too much. The first picture was taken there though and it's definitely my favorite of the whole session.

IMG_3397 (5 of 12)

IMG_3400 (1 of 1)

After leaving the beach we stopped at Strawberry Hill. It's a beautiful big field with plenty of room to run around...and find dog poop. Who knew that this would be the highlight of Hazel's day. It was the best thing that happened to our session because she was all smiles after that.
I just may go to the gag store and buy some fake poop to use at future sessions. HEHE.

IMG_3524 (7 of 12)

Hazel is going to be a big sister in February so hopefully I'll get to meet the new baby :-)

The rest of the photos can be seen by clicking here.

Gracie and Gavin | North Shore twin photography

To kick off my Brooksby Farm mini session weekend I met 10 month old twins Gracie and Gavin. This is technically my third session with them since the first time they were still in their mom's belly. Then I saw them again just after they were born.

If I didn't have my own twins I would say that G&G were the cutest I've ever seen. The pumpkin hats, the chubby cheeks and the fabulous smiles. I just wanted to squish them...and I did.
IMG_3277 (1 of 12)

IMG_3287 (2 of 12)

IMG_3288 (3 of 12)

And the whole beautiful family.
IMG_3334 (4 of 12)

The rest of the photos can be seen by clicking here

Because of some nasty weather conditions this weekend, this ended up being the only session that was actually held at Brooksby.