Monday, October 19, 2009

Hazel | Ipswich baby photography

I first met Hazel for her one year photo session back in February. Last weekend I met them back up in Ipswich. We started out at Pavilion Beach but the wind and the cold was just too much. The first picture was taken there though and it's definitely my favorite of the whole session.

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After leaving the beach we stopped at Strawberry Hill. It's a beautiful big field with plenty of room to run around...and find dog poop. Who knew that this would be the highlight of Hazel's day. It was the best thing that happened to our session because she was all smiles after that.
I just may go to the gag store and buy some fake poop to use at future sessions. HEHE.

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Hazel is going to be a big sister in February so hopefully I'll get to meet the new baby :-)

The rest of the photos can be seen by clicking here.

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