Saturday, October 24, 2009

A surprise session | Beverly baby photography

I met Alex when he was 8 weeks old when I did his belated newborn session.
His lucky father's birthday was coming up and his fabulous mom wanted to surprise his dad with new photos of him. It was killing me to not post the session but I had to wait until after his birthday which was yesterday so here they are!!
We went to Dane Street Beach but you can't even tell. The view of Alex and his mom Caroline was better than the ocean anyway.

Luckily Alex was much more agreeable at 4 months old and I got so many great shots of his beautiful smile and baby blues.

IMG_3738 (1 of 8)

IMG_3753 (2 of 8)

IMG_3815 (3 of 8)

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IMG_3859 (5 of 8)

IMG_3866 (6 of 8)

Look at those eye lashes!!
IMG_3884 (7 of 8)

As we were walking back to the car Alex totally conked out. I couldn't believe how fast and easily he fell asleep. It's hard work being that cute.

IMG_3888 (8 of 8)

Here is a slideshow of the rest. I hope Anthony likes them!!

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