Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Miss Caitlin 13 Months | Danvers Portrait Photographer

I am so lucky to be Caitlin's personal photographer. It always amazes me how fast other peoples' kids grow up. I remember Caitlin being born like it was yesterday. Her newborn session is so fresh in my memory so it's amazing to see her go from this...

to this...

to this...
IMG_5173 (2 of 15)

Glen Magna was our location of choice after throwing around some other options. You really just can't go wrong there.

IMG_5471 (13 of 15)

Caitlin was an absolute doll and never fussed once. Getting this smile required mommy to jump around like a goofball behind me. I had to hold still because she was making ME laugh.

IMG_5513 (14 of 15)

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I'm just in love with all of these images. Stay tuned for a holiday card design.

Here is a slideshow of the rest..

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