Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cameron | Beverly Children's Photographer

This weekend was perfect for photo sessions! Very mild weather for this time of year.
Today it was 3 1/2 year old Cameron's turn to have his picture taken. We met at Obear park in Beverly. It is SO close to my house and I didn't even know it was there. I will absolutely be taking my twins there. It was absolutely beautiful!

We let Cameron play on the playground for a bit to get him used to me following him around. We led him to another area for photos where he declared "I'm all done with photos." Little did he know he couldn't get rid of me that easily.
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We found a fabulous pile of leaves which really brought out Cameron's fun personality and beautiful smile.
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Here is a slideshow of the rest. You can get to the thumbnails by clicking on the slideshow.

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Amanda said...

HEY!!! i didnt know corleigh and dino called you! awesome! they are good friends of mine, kerry. corleigh and i were at the rape crisis center together for a few years, and hazel is in love with cam. great pictures!! YAYYY! xoxoxo