Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Genevieve | Boston Newborn Photography

I had a great session today with 3 week old Genevieve. Pictures of her older brother from last fall can be seen here. Benjamin is absolutely in love with his new sister.
The house was letting in great light even though it was cloudy and misty outside.

Miss Genevieve didn't understand that infants are supposed to sleep unless they're eating. She didn't want to miss anything.
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Mom got her to sleep but only for a very few pictures. She woke up as soon as I tried to move things around.
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The pictures are gorgeous though so it doesn't matter.

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And then there was new love. Best dog ever. I think he kind of had a crush on me too.
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Seriously, Genevieve, you're supposed to be SLEEPING in the yellow-ware bowl. :-)
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Here is a slideshow of the rest. I left in some funny ones that Benjamin asked me to take of the beanbag bird that I use for under blankets. He didn't stop talking about that bird the entire time I was there, that is until we got on the subjects of trucks.

Thank you Laura! It was great to see you.

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