Saturday, November 6, 2010

Max and Lane | Beverly Family Photography

Two weeks ago I had a session scheduled with Max and Lane. Baby Lane was feeling a little under the weather so we cut the session short and figured we'd try again when he was feeling better. We tried again this morning and he was much more agreeable. Their parents both work at a boarding school right on the ocean so we used one of the buildings as our location.

These first two images are from the session two weeks ago.

Almost 3 year old Max.

IMG_9147 - Version 2

The rest of these are from this morning at the school.





Almost 1 year old Lane (just a few more weeks). He's my buddy and always laughs when he sees me.


This is all Max wanted to do. Run run run!



Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family at a gorgeous location. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

The rest of the images are here. The first set on the green bench are from two weeks ago. The rest are from today.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hazel & Elias Fall 2010 | Beverly Family photography

I just love this family. They are so real and laid back and fun. The biggest compliment you can give a photographer is to hire her again and this family sure makes me feel loved. This is our fourth session in less than two years!
Last weekend I met them at Tupper Hall on the Endicott College campus. The fountain is a big hit with the kids and the scenery with the mansion in the back is so beautiful.

A little love for Mama.


Attempting a shot with a toddler and a baby generally never works out. With the help of Mom and Dad we totally pulled it off!



Hazel is so free spirited and wonderful and these images really bring that out.






The rest of the fun pictures can be seen here.

Little Olivia | Boston baby photography

At 4 months old Olivia was the perfect model. The light in her place was to die for! She had so many adorable outfits and hats to choose from. We were so excited to try them all!








To see the rest of the ridiculously adorable images you can click here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alex | Boston Family Photography

Last year Alex's mom had me take pictures of him as a birthday gift for his daddy. They were such a huge hit that she asked me to do it again this year.
He was SOOOOO much easier last year but I still got a bunch of adorable pictures.



Cell phones always make a baby happy!



Such a dapper young man :-)

I was told that dad was very happy with his gift this year. Who wouldn't be?

The rest of the photos can be seen in their flickr album.

Gracie and Gavin at Brooksby | Peabody family photography

These kiddos' mama knows how important family pictures are. Especially when you have babies. We did beach pictures not too long ago but seasons change and now it was time for pumpkin and fall pictures. They were just as much a challenge at the farm as they were at the beach but they can't stump me! There are so many adorable ones but my absolute favorite thing about these photos is that the fisherman sweaters they are wearing originally belonged to my twins. I remember receiving them in 2007 at my baby shower from a family member from Gloucester where they were made (Gloucester Knitting Company). They were so huge I couldn't even imagine the tiny babies in my belly ever being big enough to wear them. They did eventually grow to be able to wear them and quickly outgrew them. I really wanted them to go to another set of boy/girl twins who would appreciate them so Gracie and Gavin it was.

I brought this little Black Dog stuffed dog to use to get them to look at the camera. I made the mistake of letting Gracie have it. It ended up being in almost every picture and I had to pry it out of her hands at the end of the session. At least it's cute to look at.


I pushed the shutter button exactly three times while attempting to get a family shot. Three. That's it. The following three images are the result of those attempts.

It was NOT going to happen. Real life with almost 2 year old twins.


I think this one is my favorite. Gracie just bolting!





The rest of the images can be seen in their flickr album.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sarah | Georgetown Senior Portraits

Sarah and her mom called me a little late in the senior portrait game but luckily my schedule is so flexible that we were able to make it work. We went around and around with different location ideas and ended up "just" staying at their house. Turns out their property backs up to a forest paradise that I was so happy with. The color of the changing leaves and the sun pouring through them was just wonderful! And Sarah looked so beautiful in front of it all.



I absolutely love this one. The background is so out of focus that it almost looks like it's in motion. Not everyone looks good with a half smile or serious look (me included) but Sarah pulls it off like a model!




My 50mm lens has been doing this crazy rainbow thing when the sun is in the background. It probably is some sort of sign of malfunction or a dirty lens but I'm not changing a thing. I LOVE it.

Thank you Sarah for choosing me to do your once in a lifetime senior portraits. It means a lot to me!

The rest of the album can be seen here on flickr.