Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gracie and Gavin at Brooksby | Peabody family photography

These kiddos' mama knows how important family pictures are. Especially when you have babies. We did beach pictures not too long ago but seasons change and now it was time for pumpkin and fall pictures. They were just as much a challenge at the farm as they were at the beach but they can't stump me! There are so many adorable ones but my absolute favorite thing about these photos is that the fisherman sweaters they are wearing originally belonged to my twins. I remember receiving them in 2007 at my baby shower from a family member from Gloucester where they were made (Gloucester Knitting Company). They were so huge I couldn't even imagine the tiny babies in my belly ever being big enough to wear them. They did eventually grow to be able to wear them and quickly outgrew them. I really wanted them to go to another set of boy/girl twins who would appreciate them so Gracie and Gavin it was.

I brought this little Black Dog stuffed dog to use to get them to look at the camera. I made the mistake of letting Gracie have it. It ended up being in almost every picture and I had to pry it out of her hands at the end of the session. At least it's cute to look at.


I pushed the shutter button exactly three times while attempting to get a family shot. Three. That's it. The following three images are the result of those attempts.

It was NOT going to happen. Real life with almost 2 year old twins.


I think this one is my favorite. Gracie just bolting!





The rest of the images can be seen in their flickr album.

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