Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Alex | Beverly Newborn Photography

Last week I met 8 week old Alex for his first professional photo session. We initially tried to get some sleepy naked baby photos but he just wasn't having it. This boy wanted to be swaddled!

Daddy tried to make him happy which worked until he put him down.

Once he was swaddled there was no stopping the abundance of adorable photos.

He actually started to work the camera.

These are Alex's siblings. The sweetest dogs ever!

The nursery was absolutely adorable and obviously made with much care.

This wall was hand painted by Dad.

A new variation on my "window shot".

I had such a great time meeting this family and the snack of grapes and cheese was much appreciated!

There are SO many more photos but the above were the ones that stood out to me. You be the judge...

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