Sunday, August 2, 2009

The O'Sheas | Newburyport Family Photography

The beautiful O'Shea family met me at Plum Island for a mini session this morning. They looked absolutely fabulous and I got a lot of great shots considering the limited time we had. The little bit of cloud cover we had was perfect for photos!

IMG_8545 (1)

IMG_8550 (1)

IMG_8539 (1) copy

IMG_8531 (1)

IMG_8530 (1)

IMG_8521 (1)

IMG_8512 (1)

IMG_8505 (1)

IMG_8497 (1)

IMG_8471 (1)

Here is a slideshow of the rest including some funny out takes. You can click play, then click in the bottom right corner to view the slideshow in full screen.

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