Thursday, June 30, 2011

School fundraiser donation | Gloucester Family Photography

My kids' preschool had an auction for a fundraiser a few months back. I was so happy to donate a free photo session!
It turns out the winner and I went to high school together but didn't really know each other. PLUS we have a close mutual friend. I'm always amazed at how small this world is. I think my favorite thing is when I friend a new person on facebook to find that we have a mutual friend that is totally unrelated to how we know each other.


The "O" family met me up in Gloucester on the back shore. I had my wedding on the back shore of Gloucester and had some of my photos done on the beautiful rocky coast so I knew it was a great location. The only downside was it was VERY sunny and the sun was high.

I found this one large rock that had a tiny bit of a shadow and tried to do some individual shots there. The lighting worked out well but it was so hard for them to not squint!
But look at how cute these kids are!!! My daughter has red hair so I'm a little partial to red heads.
IMG_0443 (84 of 84)

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I was able to make a back lit shot work with no shadows on their faces but again with the squinting. I do love this picture though!
IMG_0471 (71 of 84)

There were little tide pools in the rocks and the boys were just itching to get dirty!
IMG_0507 - Version 2 (52 of 84)

I knew of this other location downtown (Captain Soloman Jacobs Park where I met George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg while they were filming The Perfect Storm) from when I used to work in Gloucester so we gave that a try. It definitely allowed for some more shady spots and I was really happy with the results we got there.
IMG_0555 (36 of 84)

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This was my best attempt at all three of the boys. I'm sure y'all know how super cooperative 3 year olds are ;-)
IMG_0630 (5 of 84)

See you around, "O" family!

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