Friday, July 8, 2011

Three year old Rocco | Peabody children's photographer

Last month I met Rocco and his mom at his house. It was pretty sunny out so we were spending a lot of time looking for shade. Rocco was serious at first and even his mom had a hard time getting him to smile. He eventually warmed up to me and we were able to get him to crack quite a few smiles.
Look at this cutie and his gorgeous eyes!
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All he wanted to do was dig with his trucks. Boys sure do love trucks!
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Then we went inside and he showed me his drumming skills!
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Rocco's mom had been in touch with me before about getting his pictures done but it kept getting put know, that thing called life. Then when we finally set a date we had to reschedule three times for weather and bumps on the head. HAHA. I'm so glad we finally got coordinated and got Rocco's three year pictures done!

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