Friday, July 8, 2011

Jennifer and Christopher's wedding | Winthrop wedding photographer

Jennifer Goodwin (no relation!) was referred to me by my Fourth of July Bride from last year. It's so funny to hear of someone else having your name. The really funny thing is her brother's name is Chris Goodwin and so is my husband! And then the groom Chris shares a first and last name (very close anyway) with a celebrity who has sadly passed away. Think red tights and a cape.

Anyway! The weather was perfect for this beautiful small wedding. As far as I know the day went very smoothly with no hiccups.

Jennifer decided she didn't NEED to have "getting ready" pictures that day so I met them right at St. John in Winthrop. What a beautiful church!

I got the limo driver to let me have a sneak peek at the bride before he let her out. Cute as a button I tell ya! She's such a pretty girl and one of the sweetest I've met.

She was just beaming!

Chris was equally as nice as Jennifer. Look how happy he looks!

The reception was at Casa Lucia in Revere. The interior was very impressive. I would highly recommend this as a venue for anyone. Jennifer and Chris's wedding was on the small side (roughly 80 guests) and was in the smaller downstairs room. Marble and granite covered most surfaces and the columns made a very nice touch. The upstairs ballroom could obviously accommodate a lot more and was very beautiful! The staff was wonderful too.

Then it was time to get down!

I was so happy to get this referral and to get to meet this wonderful couple!

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