Monday, April 12, 2010

Joy and Michael get engaged at the Taj in Boston

I had the most amazingly unique opportunity this past weekend. Michael contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would be available to photograph the events of his engagement. I was thrilled to be involved. His plan was very complicated and very well orchestrated.
He and Joy arrived at the Taj in Boston where I was secretly waiting in the lobby. They went up to the most beautiful suite on the 16th floor overlooking the Public Garden where he played a song on his guitar (that he wrote!) and proposed. After she said yes, he called me to come up to the room. After introducing myself and being the first to congratulate the couple I stole that beautiful ring right off of Joy's hand so I could take pictures of it.

We took a few pictures in the room then went across the street to the Public Garden. It was such a beautiful day!!

After the garden Joy thought she and Michael were getting ready for a romantic dinner at Abe and Louies so I said goodbye but really I hopped in a cab and went to Abe and Louies myself. Michael had planned for their families to be there to surprise her. Even his sister and brother in law from Colorado were there.

Look at this replica cake!!

And if all that surprise wasn't enough Michael had arranged for other guests to join them and surprised them with the news as they walked in the room.
I was so happy to be able to capture the wonderful memories of this very special day in their lives.
Congratulations Joy and Michael!!

I found out about last week. It's a website where you can upload your photos and it automatically makes a video for you. I think I'm in love :-)

And here's a link to the flickr album to see all of the images in high resolution.

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