Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family photography | Lynnfield

Every year this family hires a photographer to take pictures of their extended family so they can make a calendar for the next year.  I had been in contact with this lovely lady in the purple dress about other photography and she decided to give me a try this year.
We had the individual families arrive a little staggered which worked out really great.  No one was waiting around for their turn.

IMG_1576 (26 of 155) IMG_1604 (42 of 155) IMG_1668 (67 of 155) IMG_1778 - Version 2 (113 of 155) IMG_1813 (129 of 155) IMG_1697 (76 of 155)

All of the beautiful people above exist because of this lovely couple :-)
IMG_1838 (145 of 155)


Anonymous said...

I love this family - grew up w/ them [the youngest daughter is not in the shoot]. Great job!!!

Kerry Lynn said...

Thank you! You're right, she's not ;-) Those were asked to be private.
Thanks for the comment!

Daniel Martín Marcuzzi said...

Que buen manejo del contraluz y la perpestiva!!! ademas estoy intrigado como con una Canon te salen tan bien los colores y la dinámica...
Excelente !