Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boston Family Photography

This amazing lady in the middle of the first photo bought a session from me as a gift to her parents for their anniversary.  I love it when people think of giving photography as a gift!
Her parents have a house in York, Maine that is pure perfection.  The house really means a lot to all of them so we did the session up there.

IMG_2202 (128 of 132)
I was going crazy with all of the beautiful places in their yard.
IMG_2227 (109 of 132) IMG_2232 (105 of 132) IMG_2248 - Version 4 (91 of 132) IMG_2275 (77 of 132) IMG_2290 (68 of 132) IMG_2332 (49 of 132) IMG_2349 (38 of 132) IMG_2404 (14 of 132) IMG_2417 (9 of 132) IMG_2434 (2 of 132)

I think by the end they were sick of me taking their picture so I cut them loose.  I couldn't be happier with these images!  I adore the blue color scheme and the back light really brings these pictures to life.

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