Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lynnfield Senior Photography

For this senior portrait session I met Miss G. at that beautiful piece of land in Nahant.  It's really such a beautiful place.
She was really great to work with and tolerated all of my crazy requests.
IMG_1262 (10 of 70)
The sun was low in the sky which made for such beautiful lighting.
IMG_1270 (11 of 70)
After we left the land we stopped at the beautiful stone library
IMG_1311 (29 of 70) IMG_1339 - Version 4 (45 of 70) IMG_1346 (47 of 70)
Then on the way off the island we stopped at the beach to get some in the dunes.  I just love these!
IMG_1349 (48 of 70)IMG_1360 (52 of 70) IMG_1370 (55 of 70) IMG_1372 - Version 2 (58 of 70)
I was so thrilled when Miss G said that called me after her friend (a senior from last year) recommended me.  I LOVE word of mouth!

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