Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oliver's 1 year photo session | on location New England Photography

Last Friday I took a trip up to York, Maine for Oliver's photo session. The amount of adorable photos I got of this kid is just incredible. He was such a joy and so easy to capture his personality. I went up there thinking we would take him to the beach or the nearby Nubble Lighthouse but the fog was like nothing I've ever seen. If you were standing on the beach you literally could not see the ocean. We thought it might clear up after some time but it was like that all day.
But it absolutely did not matter that we couldn't go to a scenic location because their vacation home was stunningly beautiful.

Oliver's Grandma was helping wrangle him. I just love this shot!

This photo cracks me up. Oliver's parents are professional singers and this picture makes me think that he's practicing his vocals.

You can click here to see the overabundance of adorable photos.

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Patricia said...

These pictures are amazing, I am not sure how you could pick just one from these. He is such a great subject and you were able to get all his wonderful personality in these.