Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Candy and Peter | Boston Wedding Photography at The Colonnade

Oh how I loved this wedding.  Candy and Peter are so full of life and so in love.  The day was fun from start to finish.
The ceremony was set to take place on the rooftop deck of the Colonnade Hotel in downtown Boston in the evening.  The weather was not letting us rest easy.  Rain was in the forecast for the afternoon/evening.  All we could do was keep moving forward.

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When Candy walked out of her room, all dressed and ready to go, we all gasped.
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When it came time to head up to the roof it still wasn't raining!
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Peter was beaming at his bride.
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Doesn't everyone have a blimp fly over their wedding?  It was flying over the Red Sox game that was going on and that's the Prudential Center in the background.
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We went to the Christian Science Center reflecting pool after the ceremony.  I took a series of images of them that were completely un-staged.  I was pretty far away from them so they couldn't hear me talk anyway.  They just did their own thing and I was able to capture their fun-loving personalities.
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Here are some details.
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At one point during the reception Candy's dad grabbed the microphone and started singing a song.
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Candy's reaction made for one of my favorite photos of all time.
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Then her kids joined in.  They brought down the house!  So much fun!!
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I truly feel blessed to have been included in this most special day of Candy and Peter.

I will be posting more images of Candy and Peter from another event they attended last weekend.  They are the epitome of a happy couple.


Kim said...

I attended their wedding and I thought it was magical in every way! Candy's daughter Hayley will be our new daughter in law next Sept. 2012! We are happy and delighted to become family with such a great group of people! Love from Nebraska!

Kerry Lynn said...

It was magical wasn't it? How fun that Haley will be your daughter-in-law. She's so nice. If I'm lucky I'll see you at her wedding!!