Friday, May 18, 2012

Corporate work

Over the winter I got the opportunity to do some corporate "headshot" work.

These shots were done specifically for their website.  If you hit refresh (on their website) you'll see the different images pop up.
IMG_6368 (5 of 66) IMG_6421 (40 of 66)

Then a couple weeks later I got an amazing opportunity to photograph the Boston and Andover offices of UBS.  I was in Boston for 3 solid days photographing teams and individuals.  It was so much fun to meet all of these people.  These are just a handful of the images showing the different locations I was able to use around the office.  All of these images are shot with natural light or external flash.  I have no backdrops or special lighting and I like it that way :-)

IMG_8795 (45 of 99) IMG_7802 (14 of 214) IMG_7927 (63 of 214)IMG_7777 (2 of 214) IMG_8425 (55 of 131)

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