Thursday, July 5, 2012

Japan | Destination Wedding

When the Groom (the closest thing I have to a brother) told me he was moving to Japan to live with a girl he met online I was sad to see him go but so happy that he had found someone.  A year later he asked if I would come to Japan to photograph their wedding.  My jaw was on the floor.  I still tear up at the memory.  I was just so honored that they liked my work enough to bring me to the other side of the globe.  Wow.

I wrote a lot about the details of the trip on my personal blog so I won't go into it here.  I'll try to stick to the pictures :-)

The first full day I was there I met Dave and Miho to go out and take some pre-wedding photos.
We went to Kanazawa Castle first.  This place is surrounded by cherry trees that were in perfect full bloom.  There was some worry that they wouldn't be out due to a really cold end of winter but they couldn't have been more beautiful.

This is the entrance of the castle.
IMG_1223 (149 of 154) IMG_1212 (154 of 154) IMG_1229 (147 of 154) IMG_1240 (141 of 154) IMG_1243 (140 of 154)

Once inside the grounds we walked around a bit looking for different spots to shoot in.
IMG_1260 (133 of 154)

I love this picture because I can HEAR his laugh when I see it.
IMG_1266 (129 of 154)

Miho looked so beautiful!!!!
IMG_1271 (127 of 154) IMG_1276 (125 of 154) IMG_1292 (122 of 154) IMG_1297 (119 of 154) IMG_1308 (114 of 154) IMG_1317 - Version 3 (110 of 154) IMG_1328 (106 of 154)

This is one of my favorites.  I love the green moss with the pink trees and the sun lighting up Miho's face.
IMG_1335 (101 of 154)

All of these pictures were taken on a Thursday.  When we went back on Saturday after the wedding all of these locations were a sea of people.
IMG_1344 (97 of 154) IMG_1369 (85 of 154)

This is the tourist area outside the castle.  It's a line of souvenir shops.  I love how everyone was watching them walk by.
IMG_1384 (79 of 154) IMG_1389 (75 of 154) IMG_1407 (65 of 154) IMG_1430 - Version 2 (49 of 154)

When we were done with the Castle we drove up into the mountains that surround Kanazawa.  What an amazing place.
IMG_1453 - Version 2 (47 of 154) IMG_1463 (42 of 154) IMG_1469 (37 of 154)

What you see below is the northern area of Kanazawa.  The very top of the picture that looks white is actually the Sea of Japan.  Kanazawa is a coastal city but it's so big that I never even saw the sea while I was there (except from the bus on the way back to the airport).
IMG_1477 (34 of 154) IMG_1486 (27 of 154) IMG_1494 (24 of 154)

We went to another area of the mountain that overlooked the southern part of the city and the amazing snow capped mountains that completely surround the area.
IMG_1513 (17 of 154) IMG_1525 (11 of 154) IMG_1549 (1 of 154)

I love that we got out just the three of us that day to get these images.  Wedding day to follow...


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These are gorgeous. Miho is beautiful and Dave looks all grown-up and serious. ;)

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Thank you!!

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