Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boston Engagement Photography

This lucky young lady's fiance was thoughtful enough to book me for the day he was planning to propose to her.  He proposed over brunch then surprised her again when they met me in the public garden.  I photographed her sister two years ago immediately following her engagement too.  I just love this family!

IMG_4530 (65 of 66) IMG_4531 (64 of 66) IMG_4539 (60 of 66) IMG_4556 (52 of 66) IMG_4580 (42 of 66) IMG_4588 (38 of 66) IMG_4590 (36 of 66)

I don't normally partially color a photo but I loved this image so much.  The original image is much too busy with all of the colors the other people were wearing. (on a beautiful weekend day this bridge is never empty!) I think it works :-)
IMG_4602 - Version 2 (1 of 2) (27 of 66) IMG_4605 (25 of 66) IMG_4622 - Version 2 (16 of 66) IMG_4630 - Version 2 (9 of 66) IMG_4648 (1 of 66)

They asked if I was available to photograph their engagement party and I was so sad to tell them that I was already booked for a wedding!

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