Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Benjamin and Genevieve | Arlington Family photography

A few weeks ago I met the P family for their third session with me. It was a bit chilly out but we knew we wanted to get some outdoor shots. We went to Robbin's Farm Park where there is an incredible view of the Boston skyline and a big open field.

Benjamin was awesome and very willing to let me take pictures of him.
IMG_0975 (2 of 72)

1 year old Genevieve on the other hand cried from the moment I walked in their door. Mom would get her calmed down then she'd get a glimpse of me and start crying all over again.

IMG_0989 (10 of 72)

Benjamin and dad were happy to pose for me while Genevieve warmed up to me.
IMG_1005 (18 of 72)

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She did eventually warm up.
IMG_1052 (32 of 72)

Lenny came along too.
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Once we were all chilled to the bone we went back to their house and took some more photos.

IMG_1096 (48 of 72)

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Genevieve even let me hold her. I love a good cuddle from a sweet baby.

The rest of the photos can be seen here.

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