Saturday, December 18, 2010

Great Big Family | Lynnfield family photography

You may recognize two members of this family from their senior portrait session last summer.
We start with these four beautiful sisters. They each had a boy and a girl all within 5 years (I believe that was the age difference) of each other.
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For our first location we met at Appleton Farm in Ipswich. There is just something about that place that makes me feel like I'm in Scotland. I just love it.

Here are all 8 kids. Ben on the far left is my camera's nemesis. They don't get along. Any giggles you see are a result of me yelling "BEN!!!" in order to get him to smile.
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All four girls
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All four boys
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And the whole gang!
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For our second location we went for some more traditional shots at a family home.
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One of the sisters, Terri is getting married to Bob next year. They have asked me to photograph their wedding and I just can't wait! They haven't set a date yet. Oddly enough, it turns out that Bob knows my dad. They're both big in the local running scene.
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All of the photos from both locations can be seen here.

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