Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jodi and Rich | Nahant engagement photography

Jodi and Rich hired me to be their wedding photographer for next June. It will be my 11th wedding anniversary to the day and date. June 17th which is also Father's Day. So cool that we will have the same exact wedding anniversary :-)

Jodi grew up in Nahant and really wanted to do their engagement photos there. There was a particular piece of land that didn't have a house on it that she thought would make a nice spot. She knew the owners of the land and she was sure they wouldn't mind if we used it. The weather wasn't looking great but we decided to go ahead especially since we had already postponed from the day before. The clouds were actually ideal for me.

We ended up driving together to save gas and on the ride over Jodi was telling me how she had been looking through my blog here and saw someone she knew. Coincidently it's Mike's parents that own the land AND I'm photographing a party (a pre wedding party for Mike and Joy) on that very piece of land this coming weekend! Every day I'm amazed at what a small world it is.

Onto the pictures! First we started out on the land where we were still dry. Right now the only things on the land are two Adirondack chairs looking out over the ocean.
IMG_6155 - Version 2 (3 of 84)

IMG_6167 (10 of 84)

IMG_6179 (17 of 84)

IMG_6184 (20 of 84)

IMG_6187 - Version 2 (24 of 84)

IMG_6208 - Version 2 (36 of 84)

Jodi and Rich were so much fun and had me laughing with all their silliness.
IMG_6215 - Version 2 (44 of 84)

IMG_6222 - Version 2 (49 of 84)

Once we were done there we drove to the Library which is a beautiful old stone building. There it started to rain.
IMG_6246 - Version 2 (62 of 84)

IMG_6255 (68 of 84)

Then we went to Bailey's Hill in the rain.
IMG_6262 (73 of 84)

I love how you can see the rain falling in this one.
IMG_6266 (75 of 84)

IMG_6273 - Version 2 (80 of 84)

We were going to try one other location but it was really coming down. We ended up going to Tides for a drink to see if we could wait it out. The rain never stopped and then it got dark so we drove back home. As you can see from the amount of photos I shared we got plenty of good stuff :-)

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