Friday, November 18, 2011

Brooksby Farm Family photography

So two days before Halloween we had an absolutely freak major snow storm.  We were lucky in Peabody and our power didn't even flicker but even the next town over was out of power for quite a few days and further north and west and south were out of power for at least a week.
Unfortunately the day after the storm I had TWELVE families scheduled for mini sessions.  Twelve.  Thinking about needing to reschedule that many people is just insane.
Even though we didn't get the storm that badly the ground WAS still covered in wet snow and it was pretty muddy.
Luckily the weather was gorgeous and sunny that day and FOUR families were still willing to meet me in the afternoon.  I was so grateful for the adventurousness of these families and the setting was beautiful!

TWINS!!  I was so excited to photograph some twins.  It's so hard for me to remember what it was like when mine (4.5) were that age!
IMG_4392 (101 of 105) IMG_4411 (89 of 105) IMG_4452 (67 of 105)IMG_4465 (61 of 105) IMG_4477 - Version 2 (54 of 105) IMG_4505 (40 of 105) IMG_4511 (36 of 105) IMG_4530 - Version 2 (24 of 105) IMG_4573 (7 of 105)

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