Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exposure for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Over the summer I searched my local paper's website to see if they had ever written about NILMDTS.  When nothing came up I wrote to the paper to see if it was a topic they would be interested in.  It turns out they were interested!  I sat down with staff writer Bethany Bray at the Salem Evening News and explained my involvement with the organization.  I provided some images and waited for the article to be published.

I received an email last Monday morning from someone I didn't know thanking me for the work I do.  She said she saw my article in the paper!  This is the web version.  I love the comments on the article.

I went out to buy some copies of the paper to find that the article had been published ON THE FRONT PAGE.  Above the fold, no less.  I was floored!

Over the weekend a friend emailed me to say that her father saw the article in the Boston Herald!  I didn't even know that articles were shared between news sources!

Then another friend emailed me today and said she saw it on the channel 7 website, which led me to find it on the New England Cable News website.

Then I decided to check twitter and found a bunch of people tweeting about it!

I really hope that other photographers are reading all of this and consider volunteering.  My main goal of the article was to get people to realize that they can handle more than they think they can.

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