Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Salem Children's Photography

If you've followed me for a long time you'll remember this girl.  When she was born I took care of her part time.  During that time I was developing my photography skills.  She was certainly one of my most photographed subjects in the early days.  We went on many adventures together and one day when she was 2, I took her to Salem to walk around and probably get some ice cream.  This was the start of our annual "witch photo".  The first image at age 2 (I was very newly pregnant with my twins with I took that photo) was the last one I took as her care giver but every year for her birthday I take her out just the two of us and we recreate the witch photo.  It's a different witch every year and every year this special girl changes as well.  After taking a bunch of pictures we go for ice cream.  :-)

Look how grown up she is!!!
IMG_8805 (6 of 41) IMG_8810 (8 of 41) IMG_8814 (10 of 41) IMG_8827 - Version 2 (15 of 41) IMG_8836 - Version 2 (20 of 41) IMG_8845 (23 of 41) IMG_8871 (33 of 41) IMG_8876 (36 of 41)

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