Friday, November 23, 2012

York Beach Family Photography

This is an extended North Shore family who was going to be vacationing on York Beach one week over the summer.  When she asked if I'd be willing to go up there to do a session with them I said "of course!"  It's just about an hour ride and I'm pretty familiar with the area.  I ended up having dinner by myself at a restaurant right on the beach after rather than heading straight home.  It was a Sunday evening and I knew traffic going home was going to be BAD.  It turned out it was still BAD even after stalling leaving until 8:30pm.  Doesn't matter though, it was a great day and I had a ball with this family.

The beach was obviously sunny and also VERY windy that day.
IMG_1618 (180 of 186)

This is the proud Auntie with her niece and nephews.
IMG_1656 (170 of 186) IMG_1687 (157 of 186) IMG_1722 (144 of 186)

Mom and her grown up kids :-)
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I walked back across the street to their hotel to see if we could find some shade (and a little less wind) to take some individual images of the kids.  I loved this little spot we found!
IMG_1958 - Version 2 (30 of 186) IMG_1963 - Version 2 (25 of 186) IMG_1973 - Version 2 (21 of 186) IMG_1986 - Version 2 (10 of 186)

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