Monday, December 31, 2012

Brooksby Farm Mini Sessions

This September day was shaping up to be a full one.  Three mini sessions followed by a full session at someones house.  Two weeks before this I got a phone call from a bride asking if I had this date available to photograph her wedding!  I had to move one mini but I was able to make it happen.  So here are the two mini sessions from the day...

This was the first time I met this family for photos.  Everyone did a great job.  It turns out Mom was going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding I was shooting in November!  Such a small world!
IMG_7224 (5 of 79) IMG_7273 (21 of 79) IMG_7302 (34 of 79) IMG_7352 - Version 2 (64 of 79) IMG_7369 (73 of 79)

I met these handsome young men last year for an indoor session at the Sheraton in Wakefield.  I was glad to see them again!
IMG_7388 (45 of 47) IMG_7393 (43 of 47) IMG_7400 - Version 2 (40 of 47) IMG_7407 - Version 2 (37 of 47) IMG_7426 (31 of 47) IMG_7460 (19 of 47) IMG_7512 (2 of 47)

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