Sunday, December 23, 2012

Temple Israel Boston Wedding

I love simple and elegant weddings and Chris and Tim's wedding really was both.  The Temple was filled with beautiful natural light that day.

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The table settings were so beautiful!
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I couldn't get enough of this cake!
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Once all of the guests had arrived Chris and Tim were ready for the ceremony.  The Rabbi asked for no photographs during the ceremony so he had the couple stand up in front of everyone before they started so everyone could all take pictures.
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During the ceremony I waited out in a hall way that was separated by glass.  It was killing me to not take pictures so I did sneak this one.
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At this point I knew it was ok to start taking pictures again.
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After the ceremony I brought them outside for some quick shots alone.
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Guests ate dinner while listening to a live piano player.  It was so nice and peaceful.
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There were some very heartfelt speeches that had everyone in tears including myself.
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I really can't say enough how honored I felt to be a part of this wonderful wedding.
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