Wednesday, January 2, 2013

North Shore Wedding Photography

What a fantastic wedding this was.  When the bride emailed me at the end of August about her September wedding I naturally assumed it was for 2013.  Eventually I realized that she meant TWO WEEKS later!!  I had 4 family sessions scheduled that day.  I only had to move one of them to make it work and work it did!

I arrived at the bride and groom's house while she was getting ready.
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I had plenty of time to capture the beautiful details.
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She brought me down to her basement to help me bring up the flowers that she made herself.  It totally brought me back to 2001 when I made my own flowers in my basement.  I was even more amazed when I saw that the flowers were the exact same color as mine and our bridal bouquets were pretty much identical!
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Once she was ready we went in her backyard to take some shots before heading to the ceremony.
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The wedding party consisted of the grooms daughter and two sons.
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When I got to Gannon Golf Course I found the groom and his boys ready and waiting for the bride.
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Maybe the groom wasn't so patiently waiting?  HAHA.
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Eventually she made her way with her dad.
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All of the guests observed from the deck of the clubhouse.  It was so unique and nice.
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After the ceremony we were taken out by golf cart to a tee box that has a beautiful view of the Boston skyline which is beautiful to photograph alone...
IMG_7912 (178 of 436)

but to get the view and the subjects both exposed correctly (while making it look good) is a bit tricky.
IMG_7929 (185 of 436) IMG_7933 - Version 2 (189 of 436) IMG_7946 (202 of 436)

Back at the clubhouse there were lots of beautiful homemade items
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and more children than I've ever seen at a wedding.  It was awesome!
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As usual the speeches were emotional.  I love how ever couple has their story and you learn so much from the speeches.
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Hugs for the bride!!
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By the time I left this wedding I felt like an old family friend and there is nothing better than that!

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