Monday, January 28, 2013

Not your average school pictures | Ipswich preschool photography

For years I have been dying to do some school photography.  I'm not really sure I know anyone that is happy with the blue background, fake smiles, and stiff poses you get with typical school pictures.  I was thrilled when a client mentioned that her daughter's school was looking for a photographer to do their pictures.  The whole process was very smooth from creating an information sheet to go home to the families to taking the pictures.  
These pictures were taken in the middle of a field on a very sunny day.  No complicated setup was used.  No lighting, flash fill, or reflectors.  Just my 70-200 lens which allowed me to keep my distance from the kids so they didn't feel uncomfortable with a camera in their face.  
Delivering the digital file as their "product" made us all happy!  
Each child ended up with at least three different pictures being sent to them plus if they had a sibling I was able to photograph them together.  I kept shooting the same child until I knew I had more than one great one.  You only get one picture with those big companies and if it's bad it's bad. 
I even got a few print orders AND two full sessions out of connecting with these families which was all a big bonus for me.
I REALLY hope to work with this school again next fall and would absolutely love it if people would share this option with their own kids' schools.  

If anyone is interested in passing this information along to their school I'd be glad to share the info sheet I sent to the families.  Just send me an email to


Shannon Healey said...

Great pics Kerry!! Love Love the idea of outside school pics and the pic of the little girls kissing.... omg too precious!

Kerry Lynn said...

Aren't they so cute??

Julia White said...

How do you photograph twins? I have twin 3 yr old boys. I need suggestions. There aren't any photography places around... Help please. They're getting so big so quickly and I don't have any great pix of them.