Monday, September 14, 2009

Max | Beverly Baby Photography

Max is growing so quickly. Here he is as a newborn. Here and here he is at 9 months. And here he is at 11 months even though the post says 10. He is now 19 months old and very active!
Max is going to be a big brother very soon so they wanted to get some last pictures as a family of 3. He kept me moving and on my toes!

We started our session at Lynch Park in Beverly. The rose garden was a great place for photos although there was nothing that made Max very happy.

I love this picture with the mud on his jeans. Wouldn't you know he fell in the ONE mud puddle between the car and the rose garden.
IMG_1585 (1 of 7)

Lynch Park is surrounded by the ocean but on a sunny day it's hard to capture it AND the subjects.
IMG_1640 (2 of 7)

We finally made our way to the playground where Max's personality really came out.
Love the dirty bum :-)
IMG_1669 (3 of 7)

IMG_1688 (4 of 7)

IMG_1694 (5 of 7)

We went back to their house after to get some shots in his own environment. This kid loves to be naked!
IMG_1760 (6 of 7)

I wanted to get a cute shot of all of their feet but Max had another idea...tickle Daddy's feet!
IMG_1785 (7 of 7)

Stay tuned for Max's new baby brother and some holiday photos!

Here is a slideshow of the rest.

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