Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rory and Westy | Marblehead Family Portraits

This lucky family was the winner of a session I donated to an auction for the Landmark School in Manchester.
They live so close to the ocean that it was the obvious place to do the session.
Luckily nobody was camera shy but keeping these two from poking each other was a feat. They at least pretended to like each other which allowed me to get some really nice shots.

IMG_1921 (6 of 9)

IMG_1969 (8 of 9)

IMG_1900 (4 of 9)

Mom got in on a few shots too.
IMG_1946 (9 of 9)

Their sweet puppy is Willow Reed. I wanted to take her home with me!
IMG_1850 (1 of 9)

IMG_1954 (3 of 3)

IMG_1878 (3 of 9)

IMG_1895 (2 of 3)

IMG_1862 (2 of 9)

IMG_1886 (1 of 3)

IMG_1956 (7 of 9)

IMG_1918 (5 of 9)

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