Monday, May 24, 2010

Reese | Boston area Family Photography

Thanks to facebook I connected with this cute little family this weekend. We live about an hour away from each other so also thanks to facebook suggestions we heard about the Wellseley College Botanical Gardens. It was a great half way point for both of us.
18 Month old Reese wasn't too sure about me and really only got the big smiles from her dad.

IMG_7272 (8 of 9)

And when she smiled she just lit up! This was one of the last photos I took and I was ecstatic to get it!

IMG_7321 (9 of 9)

IMG_7232 (5 of 9)

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Knuckles for dad :-)
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It was great to meet this new family and discover a new location on a gorgeous day.

Here is a slideshow of the rest. By clicking on the slideshow it will take you to the flickr album where you can see them individually.

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