Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alex | Newburyport baby photography

Last weekend I ran around with Alex and his mom and his auntie on the waterfront in Newburyport. He sure kept me moving around. At two years old this boy just wanted to run AWAY from my camera.

I did manage to catch him a couple of times modeling like an Abercrombie model.


This session was a gift from Alex's Auntie for his birthday. Here they are having fun at the water fountain.

I had been spending a lot of thought to avoid getting this fire hydrant in the shots but it turns out some of my favorite shots include the hydrant.

Here he is with his mommy who is a firefighter, emt, AND a nurse. Boy do I feel like a slug. But seriously, thank god for her!

Yet another Abercrombie pose.

Alex with his mom and auntie.

Here mom is fishing for him with a ball. It worked like a charm.

Thank you mom, auntie, and Alex. I had fun running around!

Here is a slideshow and link to the rest of the photos.

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Anonymous said...

Kerry, These photos are amazing. You captured some special moments with my beautiful daughters and darling grandson! Karen Anderson